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[Markets] Innovation strategy moves GreenField beyond ethanol

New technologies have allowed GreenField to expand its services offering more options than just making ethanol. Canada’s ethanol plants are no longer just producing ethanol. As technologies continue to evolve, they’ve turned into full-fledged bio-refineries that are heating greenhouses, treating municipal sludge and even creating spin-off food products. That’s part of the innovation strategy GreenField …


VANERCO cellulosic ethanol plant gets federal funding

Canada’s government has confirmed its financial contribution in VANERCO, a joint venture partnership formed by Enerkem and GreenField to build and operate a cellulosic ethanol facility integrated with GreenField’s existing ethanol plant in Varennes, Quebec. Through Sustainable Development Technology Canada’a (SDTC’s ) NextGen Biofuels Fund, $734,500 will support the initial development of the facility as …