Research and Innovation

Two scientists monitoring fermenters and hydrolysis tanks

Centre of Excellence

Our research and innovation centre is leading technological advancements in corn ethanol, cellulosic ethanol and “Gen 2” sugars production

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Small scale twin screw extruder

Advanced Biofuels & Other Bio-Based Chemicals

We have the Pretreatment Technology Solution to produce commercially sustainable “Gen 2” sugars for advanced biofuels and biochemicals

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Castor beans and castor oil in separate labelled bottles

Solid-Liquid Separation & Dewatering Equipment

Our ‘Modified Twin-Screw Extruder” equipment technology has demonstrated benefits for multiple industries

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Plant employees lined up along a staircase outdoors

GET Team Leadership

Meet the industry leaders in our GET Team who are spearheading our research and innovation

Meet the GET Team Leaders

Bulldozer driving in a landfill pushing garbage

Solid Waste to Cellulosic Ethanol

Diverted from landfills to become fuel, garbage is fuelling our future through next-generation cellulosic ethanol production

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