Solid-Liquid Separation & Dewatering Equipment

Extrudeuse à deux vis d’essai
Soybeans and soybean oil in separate labelled bottles
Castor beans and castor oil in separate labelled bottles
Olives and olive oil in separate labelled bottles

Solid-Liquid Separation & Dewatering Equipment

Central to our proprietary Pretreatment System is our “Modified Twin-Screw Extruder” equipment technology, which has demonstrated benefits to various other industries and processes, due to its technically-efficient solid-liquid separation and dewatering capabilities.

We are exploring potential bio-based and industrial applications which include:

  • extraction of oil from plant seeds, castor beans, and algae;

  • extraction of sugars from sugar beets;

  • dewatering municipal sludge; and

  • dewatering various process streams produced by pulp mills.