Industrial And Beverage

Commercial Alcohols is the industrial alcohol and beverage alcohol division of Greenfield. High quality alcohol is custom-blended at the company’s own packaging plants and denatured for approximately 5,700 customers. It is then packaged for industrial, medical and beverage uses around the world.

Commercial Alcohols’ ethanol products can be found in:

  • Base chemicals
  • Ingredients of paints, solvents, inks, detergents and repellents
  • Ingredients of pharmaceuticals
  • Disinfectants for hospitals, clinics and medical laboratories
  • Flavouring for food and beverage products

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Close up of brown bottles

PHARMCO-AAPER is the trade name under which, Pharmco Products Inc. operates.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Greenfield manufactures and supplies:

  • A wide range of pure and denatured ethanol products to approximately 5,000 clients in the food, flavor, fragrance, life science, institutional and industrial markets
  • A comprehensive portfolio of high purity solvents meeting a wide range of product specifications and certifications
  • A wide selection of formulas, proofs, grades, package sizes and custom specifications, from grain, synthetic, organic, kosher, kosher-for-Passover, specialty or sterile alcohol, to proofs that range from 200 (absolute) to 10 proof (five per cent ethanol)

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